What is Detroit Fiber Works?

Detroit Fiber Works is a fiber art gallery, studio, gift boutique, and educational center. Detroit Fiber Works shows and sells unique handmade items created by local artists. They also provide lessons on fiber art methodologies. Detroit Fiber Works’ mission is three-fold: to be involved in Livernois Avenue of Fashion’s revival, provide local artists the opportunity to showcase their talent, and provide the local community with fiber art education. The founder of Detroit Fiber Works grew up in the area and still has memories of what Livernois Avenue was like. This makes it more special to her since she knows how the neighborhood was and what it has the potential to be. Detroit Fiber Works was launched after winning a competition. The Detroit Economic Growth Corporation had launched a competition requiring the creation of new business ideas for the region which used to be one of the top shopping destinations in Detroit. As fiber artists, the founders of Detroit Fiber Works wanted to create a business that features fiber art created by local artists and artwork in other mediums.

Before Detroit Fiber Works, the founder had ventured into various techniques of artistic expression such as glass fusing, surface design, jewelry design, and much more. Detroit Fiber Works was created to explore a journey as a fiber artist. The Founder’s fundamental method is felting: Nuno Felting and Wet Felting. She also does a lot of eco-printing and eco-dyeing on wool and silk. She loves this work. She is always intrigued by the process of transforming wool roving into magnificent items, to look at, to treasure, to wear, and to live with. One of the things that makes felting such a unique form of art is that it is virtually impossible to create identical items. It is also worth noting that felting does not involve any toxins or waste, this is in line with the founder’s goal to leave the world a little better than she found it.