How Detroit Fiber Works is Funded

Detroit Fiber Works founder is a native Detroit resident with a passion to create art in Detroit and to help others create art. She believes in the power of art in transforming lives. She grew up in the exact area where Detroit Fiber Works is located. She grew up walking down the neighborhood, looking through the windows of business premises, without the faintest idea that she would own a business premises in the same neighborhood one day. She dreams that Detroit Fiber Works will be successful, and be able to create job opportunities for locals, as well as sharing her art-making gift more broadly.

Since the launch of Detroit Fiber Works, the business has experienced a couple of challenges. One of the challenges that Detroit Fiber Works has had to contend with is the fact that although the area has a stable neighborhood in its environs, it does not have significant walking traffic yet. Although this is slowly starting to change, it still remains a challenge for Detroit Fiber Works. Another challenge Detroit Fiber Works is still combating is that they have not been able to afford to advertise. Advertising is crucial for a business such as Detroit Fiber Works because it helps them to get the word out about their products and attract more potential buyers. The more people who know about your business, the more potential purchases. And the more that people love and purchase your products, the more likely they are to recommend their friends and members of their family.

Paid advertising will help Detroit Fiber Works the word about the artistic establishment and its various offerings. Another challenge that Detroit Fiber Works faced was that they initially did not have a felt rolling machine. The felting process can be quite labor intensive since it involves the repeated rolling of wool fibers until they are transformed into fabrics. Some of the items that Detroit Fiber Works make include home accessories such as wall hangings, felt bowls, and table runners, as well as wearables such as hats, jackets, and dresses. Prior to having a felt rolling machine, the founder of Detroit Fiber Works broke both of her wrists, which negatively impacted her productivity. Acquiring a felt rolling machine greatly improved the business productivity and reduced the time it takes to produce an item, creating the opportunity to make more products for the market. One of the recurring challenges facing Detroit Fiber Works is that of inadequate funds. Presently, Detroit Fiber Works Is selling on consignment, which is quite costly. With adequate funds, Detroit Fiber Works Will be able to purchase artwork directly from local artists and this will provide a significant reduction in the businesses operating costs.

One of the greatest accomplishments of Detroit Fiber Works since its launch was winning the Knights Art Contest which is all about enriching and engaging communities through art. Detroit Fiber Worksteaches free fiber art lessons to adults, children, and teenagers in the Detroit community, and uses the artwork in an outdoor art installation. The most exciting aspect of this project by Detroit Fiber Works is that it will allow the business to create awareness in the community about fiber art, providing opportunities for collaboration among artists from different generations, and a chance to make the environment more beautiful. Detroit Fiber Works’ goal is to be a successful enterprise with local employees.