Artist Talk: Dolores Slowinski

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Meet the artist, Dolores Slowinski, see her amazing "Stitched Phenomena" and hear what she has to say about her work and her life. Join us!

Dolores S. Slowinski, a long-time resident of Detroit, has a BFA in weaving and ceramics from Wayne State University. 

Her work experience includes art writing for national, regional, and local print and electronic magazines as well as serving as an arts administrator and resource person at the state and local level for over 40 years. 

Slowinski returned to studio practice in 1999 and began showing her work in local, state, and regional galleries in 2005.  She is among the first 100 World of Threads Festival Artist Interviews posted online at

Most recently her work has been included in two international exhibitions: World of Threads Festival 2016 in Oakville/Mississauga, Ontario, Canada as well as Shifting Landscapes, a 2017, Surface Design Association, juried, members exhibition at form & concept gallery in Santa Fe, NM.

Her art work explores the use of thread as line in the form of hand-stitched drawings on paper.  Recently she has begun applying these drawings to re-cycled, industrial grade corrugate to create architectural statements about neighborhoods, urban decay, and gentrification.

Dolores is a dear friend, and we are honored to have her insightful work on exhibit at Detroit Fiber Works,

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