The Ballad of Robert Charles: A One-Man Musical Play with Larry Gabriel

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About Larry Gabriel:

Both Author and musician, native Detroiter Larry Gabriel writes the Stir It Up and Higher Ground columns for He Descends from a long line of New Orleans Jazz musicians, and has played in a number of bands in myriad musical genres, including jazz, rock, punk and acoustic.

Larry's chapter, Rebirth of Tribein the new book Heaven Was Detroit, from jazz to hip hop and beyondchronicles the involvement of Marcus Belgrave, Wendell Harrison, Harold McKinney, Phil Ranelin and others in the Black arts organization.

Larry's book, Daddy Plays Old-Time New Orleans Jazz is available at the Source Booksellers in Detroit (4240 Cass Avenue). Larry also has contributions in Detroit Resurgent and A Detroit Anthology, both available at Source Booksellers.

To hear a great interview with Larry about his family's musical heritage, follow this link:


In 1900 New Orleans, when confronted by police, Robert Charles shoots back. Jazz and blues musicians paid tribute to him by playing a song titled "the Ballad of Robert Charles." See the play to learn the whole story!


Tickets can be purchased in advance at this link: The Ballad of Robert Charles Tickets