Sisters Celebrating and Honoring a Legacy of Love & Creativity

Statement by Mildred Baldwin regarding the Baldwin Sisters Retreat:

In 2005, I organized an artist group with my eight sisters (the Baldwin Sisters Retreat). We exhibit art and crafts to showcase and celebrate the legacy and life of our mother Clara Bell Etheridge Baldwin after her sudden death due to a car accident on Veterans Day, Tuesday November 11, 2003. She also was an artist who taught all of her daughters many artistic skills.
Each year our Sisters Retreat and annual art exhibition is held in the hometown of one of the sisters and this is determined by birth order, from the youngest to oldest. Our oldest sister Mattie Pearl Hightower hosted our 9th annual retreat and art exhibition April 2013. This was a great accomplishment for all sisters to have been able to host the retreat.
However, we regret having to also celebrate Mattie’s life and legacy as an artist and seamstress after losing her battle with cancer on Dec 29, 2015. Our mother Clara and sister Mattie had worked together for many years designing clothing for men and women, as well as beautiful wedding dresses.
Holding them in our memory will help us to continue to do many more monumental things.
Mildred Baldwin