Women Invitational

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Artist Statement: Tisch Mikhail Lewis

Art has been a constant presence in my life; it has evolved from something that I learned from my grandmother into a tool to help voice suppressed thoughts and emotions. I use it to make sense of the world around me by deconstructing my experiences and examining them in terms of sociological theory pertaining to identity, body image, race, and intersections between the three. My work also explores concepts such as grief and grieving, the idea of home, and the possibilities for imagery using unconventional digital means.

I enjoy exploring a multitude of techniques in which the materials I choose to work with are dependent on what I want to discuss. I primarily work within the realm of painting, drawing, and printmaking. However, I use other media such as sewing, fibers, photography, sculpture, bookbinding, and my formal training as a graphic designer.

The main reason I create work is to make an impact on the viewer, be it myself as a form of self-healing or others by sharing my unique perspective. I use my body as a basis for my work, but I abstract the images to make them accessible to everyone, and to generate a type of kinship with my viewers. In a way, I use my work to try to build a dialogue of mutual understanding and respect for people of varied backgrounds.


Artist Statement: Fatima Sow

Born and raised in Detroit, I received a BFA from the College for Creative Studies in 2014. As an educator, I teach various courses within art and design at schools in the metro Detroit area and the Detroit Institute of Arts. My body of work extends across mediums, from painting and assemblage, to collage and mixed media. My current body of work is constructed through the process of photo-collage.

From collected memories, photos, stories, and environments, I reflect on travel experiences and daily exchanges to create multi-layered landscapes. I frame and deconstruct photographs in order to connect relationships, spaces, and moments in time. Through this, I investigate parallels of places I visit, from architectural influences, nature, to textures and color palettes.


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Artist Statement: Arlinda Holt Crossland

Art has given me a unique perspective! Striving to find the beauty in everyday existence, I work in acrylics, watercolor, pencil, pastels, collage and computer generated art. As a multifaceted artist, I possess skills in the following areas:

  • A photographic eye necessary creating for strong compositions

  • Sensitive drawing skills that lead to dynamic layouts

  • A sensitivity for sights, sounds, vibrant colors harmoniously blended to form exciting textures and visual vibrations; the catalyst for my work!

Growing up in Detroit, I was introduced to art through Saturday morning drawing classes at the Detroit Institute of Art. That led to studying art at Cass Technical High School and later majoring in art at Michigan State University. I worked as an apprentice artist, graphic designer and technical illustrator before shifting my career track towards raising my family. I became an educator (school librarian) while still dabbling in art during the wee morning hours. When an art teacher opening became available in my school district, I took the challenge and my passionate avocation became my vocation! I haven’t looked back since!

Over the past five years, I’ve participated in several local art exhibition sponsored by the following organizations:

Arts Extended Gallery

Detroit Art Teachers Association

Detroit Fiber Works

Michigan Education Association Annual Art Acquisitions Exhibit

National Conference of Artists - Michigan Chapter