Artwork by Anita Sewell

Please join us as we welcome Anita Sewell to Detroit Fiber Works during the months of June and July, 2016. 

Anita Sewell, is a Detroit native who embarked upon her artistic journey in her teenage years as a means of seeking to be understood. As she so poetically states, “if you understand my art, then you understand me.”

Abstract art is her first love and she enjoys experimenting with color and unconventional materials. She seamlessly incorporates rocks, charcoal, and a vast range of earth tones into her pieces. Her use of black and white in each collection is her trademark as it symbolizes, to her, closure and new beginnings.

Anita Sewell’s art has been featured at The Collective, Motor City Brewing Works, Arts Extended Gallery, as well as Detroit Riverwalk events. She is frequently sought out by collectors in search of one-of-a-kind conversation pieces. There is no end to her creativity and is she is available for commissions.

Opening: Saturday, June 11

Artist Talk, Saturday, July 9

Show Ends: Saturday, July 30