April 16-May 28: Abstractions by Ifoma


Ifoma (pronounced EE-Foo-Ma) (Cornell ) Stubbs has been known in the Detroit area primary for his photography and photographic art, which has been shown at local galleries, fairs and art exhibitions over the past 25 years.  Ifoma also worked with the City of Detroit as a photographer during the Archer and Kilpatrick administrations. His noted photographic Marcus Garvey Centennial documentary exhibited at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African History and Dusable Museum in Chicago.  He has participated in several solo and group exhibitions which have included The African World Festival, The University Arts festival and the Comerica TasteFest to name a few.  His photographs have been published in Black Enterprise magazine, Ebony, The Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press, Michigan Chronicle, Michigan Citizen, MetroTimes and other publications.

Ifoma is also an avid painter, creating vivid abstract images on paper, canvas and wood. These imaginative shapes and colors also grace a myriad of wearable items, including men's and women's shoes, t-shirts, caps and jewelry.