Douriean Fletcher is a wearable artist based in New Orleans, LA. Her mission is to inspire and support women to boldly express their beauty by telling their stories through adornments. She uses the original purpose of jewelry; a non-verbal communication tool to inform others of who we are. Douriean believes adornments are an ideal way for women to define their beauty on their own terms and express themselves authentically.

Through her own experiences as an evolving woman, she has used her creativity to explore facets of her growth in all aspects: spiritual, sexual, emotional, cultural, and social. She evolves through her work as she redefines her own concept of femininity.

Douriean is currently creating a project that provides a space for young women to express their creativity through wearable art workshops at a charter school in New Orleans, LA. Proceeds from her sales go towards this project to support financing for tools, materials, and programming.

Her new collection, Nina, is inspired by the talented Nina Simone as she pays homage a woman she believes wholeheartedly and boldly expressed her God given gift to the world.

Douriean has participated in the International Show of New Designers, Labo Ethnik in Paris, France and her work has also been featured in Essence Magazine's Street Style segment, “What We’re Wearing In….”, Scene Magazine, a 2 page spread in AfroElle Magazine in Kenya, and has been featured as one of New Orleans Magazine's 2012 People To Watch.  Some of her clientele are Grammy award winning artists and members of creative industries.

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