L.I.P.S. Hats by Ella Isaac

Saturday, October 18, 2014, 11AM-7PM

Sunday, October 19, 2014, Noon-5PM


Living In Perfect Style (L.I.P.S.) is a company that creates a range of seasonal hats for women and men who are unique in spirit, progressive in thought and fearless in his or her individual expression of style. All hats are hand-made with an emphasis on quality and longevity. L.I.P.S.’ mission to always be unique is dedicated to the style pioneers who dare to be different, think from the heart and express fearlessly.

The Process

All hats are produced in Philadelphia under the direction of owner/designer Ella Isaac using both traditional and innovative millinery techniques. Fabrics are chosen for their tactile and malleable qualities. Design involves a mix of creative thought given to both color and texture with a very organic approach. Rather than drawings, Ella uses the feel of the cloth and the vibrant hue of the raw or dyed material to lend itself to the aesthetic design of each hat. She also keeps in mind the wearability of each style, wanting it to be a favorite among your accessories and a joy to wear, year after year.

The Designer

Originally from England, Ella Isaac is an accomplished and award winning hat designer who began her hat making career in London under the tutelage of Gabriela Ligenza. While living in New York, Ella set the trend for a new style of hat design by creating a playful and stylishly urban line of hats not just relegated to formal occasions. For over a decade she continued to raise the bar and innovate the American hat industry, producing eagerly awaited new shapes and new techniques from her own store in Philadelphia. Since its initial creation, the label L.I.P.S. has continued to evolve into a distinguishable and very individual brand, and Ella continues to nurture it’s expansion with a detailed eye.

“Ella is a quiet force with a visionary perception of life which she applies to her design esthetic. To her every moment is a potential drop of inspiration. She designs hats with the modern, sophisticated hat wearer in mind, giving them accessories that can transcend the ordinary.”