Affirmation Doll Workshop

Affirmation Doll Workshop


The “Affirmation Doll” workshop will be taught by Detroit’s own Ziwadi Majiisa, one of the most creative, imaginative, and spiritual artists we know.

Ziwadi will patiently teach you how to create your own Affirmation Doll, using fabric, yarn and beads. Your doll will be uniquely yours, and inside of her will be your own personal affirmation.

Please join us for this soothing, yet exciting workshop. Soothing AND exciting? Yes! Making the doll requires repetitive wrapping of the yarn, which can become meditative. Seeing the finished result is absolutely thrilling! You’ll see.

Feel free to bring refreshments (for yourself or to share), and if you have special beads or adornments for your doll, bring those too!

Pre-registration is REQUIRED. No refunds for non-attendance. Insufficient enrollment will result in cancellation, in which case, workshop fees will be fully refunded.

Fee includes $5 material fee.

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